Crazy Bowl Cafe can bring our delicious food to you !!
Catering for 5- 500. We can do your office lunch or your graduation party! We will work with you for the perfect event! 

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Restaurant Story
"Welcome to The Crazy ​​​​​Bowl Cafe!
​After working as a chef for over 20 years, my brother and I decided to start Crazy Bowl Cafe. We are a one of a kind catering that will offer a high end fast casual dining experience. The menu will include Artisan Salads, International Stir Fry as well as fresh made smoothies. My specialty is the "Floribbean": a stir fry with shrimp, fresh veggies, pineapple, and almonds in a homemade coconut curry sauce. All sauces and dressings will be made in house and local fresh ingredients will be used when in season. 
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